"ProjectVIGILANT LLC (PV) serves to develop and enhance a multi-disciplinary research and development program into the underlying dynamics of attack attribution while facilitating technology transfer to partners that assist in enhancing 'the rule of law.' This effort is conducted in a manner allowing for publication and the sharing of results with the participants in the research. This collaboration and the resulting tools and methods are intended to enhance the national security and public safety of the United States and its allies. PV, besides its own R&D, scours the globe looking for any and all work done by external groups on attack attribution and attempts to replicate their experiments, provides feedback and enhancement ideas to published material to those groups, and ensures it is integrated into their own work as appropriate. We use commonly accepted methods of acknowledging these external contributions that are integrated, including but not limited to acquiring the rights to their discoveries with appropriate compensation. Beginning in 1996 as a club known to its members as "the project", PV lacked both the financial and legal means for moving such a massive effort forward. PV is formally a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and as such, a non-governmental organization (NGO). Continued growth will lead to filling the currently empty shoes as the "authoritative source on attack attribution."


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